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The Party's Over: How Huey Newton Created a Street Gang at the Center of the Black Panther Party. Black Panthers have committed a series of violent crimes over the last several years... It seems to be nothing but senseless criminality, directed in most cases at other blacks. New Times Magazine, 1978
Souled Out: Eldridge Cleaver Admits He Ambushed Those Cops. New West Magazine, 1980
Mystery Woman: The Secret Life of Ginny Foat, Feminist Leader and Murder Suspect. California Magazine, 1983
The Roots of Ed Meese. Los Angeles Times Magazine, 1986
The Last Panther. Heterodoxy, 1998
A Death in Berkeley. Heterodoxy, 1998
A Black Panther's Last Hurrah. David Hilliard wants to win an Oakland City Council seat by flogging the legacy of the group that still haunts the city. His failure to gain support shows how little the Panthers matter to its future. Salon, 2000
The Panthers for Real. Two weeks ago, tiny Wheelock College in Boston hosted a 3-day conference entitled “The Black Panther Party in Historical Perspective.” It had all the veneer of a scholarly gathering. FrontPage Magazine, 2003
Carnal Knowledge: A Portrait of Four Hookers. Ramparts
Tuned In, Turned On and Locked Out. KPFA struggle recalls ’60s, but this time lefties are fighting each other. LA Weekly, 1999
Cinderella's Bottle. When a friend gives you a $1,000 bottle of wine by mistake, what do you do? Gourmet Magazine, 2003
Fighting Fat with Fonda. San Francisco Magazine, 1981